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After-Sales Policy


Customer’s rights are always preferable for the Langdao Team and we not only take responsibility for the quality of the product, but also the after-sales issues. We strive to protect the interests of buyers and sellers in order to provide a better purchasing experience to our customers. We adopt different handling methods of shipping to maintain Langdao’s standard for shipping and after-sales. These are some terms of Langdao after-sale policy

Risk Division

We inspect the quality of the product before shipping and obtain shipping instructions from the buyer. Then Langdao transports the product to the destination in different possible ways according to the situation and different price terms.

The company takes many transportation risks in order to provide its products to customers on time without offending them. In this regard, we use different transportation terms such as FOB, CIF, and CRF.

FOB (Free on Board)

Using this term of shipping, which is stated in international commercial law, the seller not only pays for transportation of goods but also pays loading cost to the port of shipment. On the other hand, the buyer pays the cost while unloading the goods. In this shipping method, the seller is responsible until the products are loaded on the shipboard, after that process, the buyer assumes the risk.

CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)

In CIF, the seller covers the costs, insurance, and freight of the orders of buyers while it is in transit. The seller carries lots of responsibilities such as purchasing the export license, cost of carrying goods, insurance to protect order’s value, inspection for the product and also bear the cost in case of damage and destruction of the products. This method determines when to shift responsibilities of the products from sellers to buyers.

CRF (Cost and Freight)

The term specifies the party responsible for the cost of freight and insurance, either the seller or the buyer has to pay the freight cost.

Using the CRF method, the seller is not responsible for buying insurance licenses and damage caused to the goods during transportation, but he is required to arrange the carriage by sea to the destination spot and he has to provide necessary documents to the buyer to obtain goods from the carrier.

After-sale Customer Service of LANGDAO

Buyers and sellers must strictly follow the general rules of international trade stated in the risk division. Moreover, Langdao will provide quality assurance service to the customers after receiving the products.

The customer needs to inspect the quality and standard of the goods within 14 days of receiving the goods as per according to the requirements of the contract.

If the buyer finds any quality problem, he is supposed to share the pictures, video or detailed text description of the problem with the after-sales department of Langdao Team. We will take immediate action regarding the problem and analyze it within 48 hours.

The team will provide an appropriate solution or allow the exchange of the product as soon as possible.

In the case of receiving no feedback or quality issue from the buyer, it is considered by default that the product meets the requirements of the customer. Problems reported after 14 days will not be taken into the account by Langdao.

Extra care from Langdao

Langdao is concerned about customer satisfaction and cares for the quality of the goods so that it can meet the standards of the buyer. Langdao conducts quality inspection according to international quality inspection AQL2.5/ 4.0 and shares the inspection report with the buyer for their complete satisfaction. Another great aspect of dealing with Langdao promotional gifts is that it will provide 0.5 % to 2.5% extra product, in addition to the actual quantity to ensure that the buyer may receive sufficient quantity in the case of any damage during transportation.

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