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Blue Evolution 2020

Blue Evolution 2020 1

When it comes to color, one of the all-time interior classics is set to become a huge buzz in the year ahead – blue. A color blue is always relevant as its wide range of hues offers so much diversity, making it easy for us to keep finding fresh and exciting alternatives to the overused shades of previous seasons.

Since Pantone announced Serenity Blue as one of its two colors for 2016 and Dulux went for Denim Drift just a year after, we’ve been flirting with the idea of light blue in interior design. Dark, moody blues with hints of cobalt have also been very much on-trend lately, but it seems like we are heading into a lighter and airier direction in 2020

Blue Evolution 2020 3

The color blue is evocative of the sea and the sky. It brings together the deepest depths of the ocean with the lightness of the seventh cloud. It stands for integrity, power, tranquillity and health, and is considered as beneficial to the mind and body.

Blue Evolution 2020 5

In the world of business and interruptions, light blue helps us filter out the noise and focus on what truly matters. Light blue brings calm and sense of stability we all desperately crave for these days. It promotes healing and understanding and helps us switch to a more mindful mindset.

Blue Evolution 2020 7

Blue symbolizes trust and wisdom, confidence and… well, heaven. It endorses optimism (one of the key drivers of interior trends for 2019/2020) and sparks happiness in its purest form. It’s ethereal and free like a toddler trying to catch the waves on a sunny afternoon But it can also appear as a bit cold and passive, which is why we encourage you to mix it with white, yellow, brown, terracotta, or red to create dynamics. 

Blue Evolution 2020 9

Keep your eyes on Purist Blue and Baby Blue as they are about to scoop the design scene for Spring/Summer 2020. And if you are still in doubt, Pantone is here to reassure you with their predictions. “Browns are important across the gamut and are inspired by dried seaweed and driftwood,” says Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. Besides the mentioned coastal-inspired hues, she forecasts that sand-like whites and cool greens will play an important role too.

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