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Brand your own

The new consumer products entering the market are getting creative in their offerings and design. Unlike before, where standard factory designs of bottles were available, today, a variety of insulated bottles are being manufactured with different printing styles. With personalized logos, quotations, beautiful pictures and patterns, Stainless Steel insulated bottles is another consumer product that is getting much attention lately! With and various options in size, colour and graphics, the choice is endless

Interestingly, there is always a colour deviation of 2-5% from the actual colour. Some factors affecting colour performance includes the type of printing ink, concentration, density, ink formula, the thickness of the coating and the brand of ink used. While baking time and temperature are essential to make the print durable, the use of non-toxic, lead-free ink ensures a high-quality product

Another main reason is because of the choice of the printing technology chosen. Here are some ways of printing methods on the surface of Stainless Steels bottles

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Screen Printing

Also known as silkscreen printing, the artwork can be covered all around the stainless steel water bottle. This form of printing yields impressive results for one or two colour artwork. With 35 degree wrap capability, it makes the maximum use of available print space on the bottle.

Pad Printing

This type of printing is ideal for detailed logos and artworks with tight registration requirements. Here, the printing is done in a square print area on either side and can take up to five colours of logos and artwork

Laser Marking

Done on-demand, it offers more beautiful and durable marking on the bottle. There are majorly 3 types of laser marking. In Laser engraving, the laser is input on the surface to form an engraved image and a deep mark and not an etching on the surface. This process does not transmit ink or any other substance onto the surface. Laser annealing involves a permanent laser marking used to create the design on the surface of stainless steel insulated bottles. It is a non-contact printing method that leaves its impression on the SS insulated bottles’ surface. Finally, the laser paint method is a removal method involving a paint layer being removed from a surface without damaging the bottle’s surface

Sublimation Printing

Here, a design is transferred on the stainless steel surface using ink and heat. Sublimation printing uses the heat transfer and is mainly applied to the labelling industry. It can easily fit any form of the chosen artwork. Even for the complex multi-colour artwork with gradations, heat transfer or decals are the best choices. Once the ink is sprayed in a transfer film or the decal, the graphic is thermally and permanently stuck to the bottle’s surface..

Hydrographic Printing

Hydrographic Printing, also known as Water Transfer Printing, allows patterns and designs to be applied to any shaped objects. Any object that can retain a base coat and be safely submerged in water can be painted using this technology. The insulated water bottle can be customized in different colours and pattern in the stainless steel water bottle industry. Various insulated bottles are manufactured with multiple forms of printing styles, such as logos and artwork design.

UV LED printing

Here, the ink is directly applied to an object which is then instantly cured by UV light. As there is no solvent to evaporate, there is no loss of coating thickness to the bottles. With no loss of volume and no environmental pollutants, this printing method for water bottle maintains the highest standard of product safety and initiates environmental safety production. The technology only uses food safety acrylic paint and non-toxic ink without heavy metal element phthalates and VOC in all kinds of printing products

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