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Our Brand

Our brand

Just like seeds planted in a good soil and well watered, new ideas when tended grow rapidly, bringing out excellent products. It’s all about the efforts and energy invested into the inspiration behind the ideas. All of these when brought together leads to better products for global usage.

Our Brand 1

Very honoured to working with airlines company together create some success promotional products for better flight experience. Competitive price and durable quality product To maximize the market impression, make People believe and increase their loyalty to the brand. Children’s needs are also valued to give them a wonderful journey.

Our Brand 3

We are immensely impressed by Nivea being a world class brand with a rigorous work ethics. Being one of it proud authorized dealer, we are challenged to always cooperate with the international brand and the Hong Kong and Shanghai regional offices regardless of the time difference. We were once set back by cultural differences, but with patience and communication, we have a textbook perfect cooperation.

Our Brand 5

As a brand, we have trust and believe in the Nivea men’s series also. Today, the double coffee cup is one of the loved promotional men’s gift in the market. Being an authorized dealer, we are also in strict adherence to the quality of both the material and the final product. The standards is guided by the German Beiersdorfag testing standards.

Our Brand 7

In the end, you’ll have an office gift that is perfect on all front. Remember that digital revolution has also made information sharing easier and secure. We will ensure that these gifts are hard to forget bring small and lightweight. We’ll trust in the strict and meticulous approach of the hotel on the gift products. Be assured of our pursuit of thoroughness, quality and beautiful products.