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Quality Assurance: Our Primary Moto


Quality assurance plays a significant role in the production as well as to reciprocate satisfaction between us and our customers. We, Langdao Limited, treat every order with quality assurance as to the most prioritized factor, without the MOQ serving as a hindrance in the supreme service.

Often, we send a special technical team to inspect parts of finalized products to ensure that the clients’ expectations are met to the full. Let us share one of the recent successful cases to provide you with an example of our satisfactory work.

Quality Assurance Is Essential

We received quite a massive wholesale order before the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. The order numbered over a 100k of traveling sets, including a notebook with white metal trim, a water cup, and an international traveling plug all for a bulk buy.

Quality Assurance: Our Primary Moto 1

As the wholesale product was a complete set, we considered that it is relatively much more complicated than other regular orders. Therefore we should inspect it randomly, once 30% of the bulk buy order was finalized.

Problems in Quality Maintenance After Initial Production

While we looked after the procedure of maintaining quality, we found out that cups and plugs were successfully meeting our quality standards However, the metal trim of the border on some of the notebooks showed noticeable cracks and scratches upon testing. We certainly cannot accept such defective products.

Quality Assurance: Our Primary Moto 3
Quality Assurance: Our Primary Moto 5

Primarily because our Quality Assurance policy states that the product should be impeccable in testing before we complete the production of the order.

Due to time constraints and the urgency of the product demand, we decided to upgrade all machinery on the plant and hire more staff on shift to re-manufacture all defective products.

The result turned out to be fruitful, all those products met the customer’s requirements as well as our quality standards.

How We Solved It

We assessed and marked the areas which caused the problems. Then after a discussion with our highly capable team, we found the solution to the problem.

Later on, we overcame the problem and were able to achieve the contentment of the customers with additional promotional gifts.

Every piece of the old machinery was upgraded, regardless of the cost and the fact they were in a pristine condition. We appointed special teams to stay in the factories and inspect the day by day productions and ensure the quality.

Quality Assurance: Our Primary Moto 7

Fortunately for us and our customers, within a week, we re-produced all the defective products which turned out to be better than our expectations in terms of quality.

Quality Assurance: Our Primary Moto 9

Also, we marked all the factors that acted as a deterrent to our products meeting the quality standards. So that such a situation does not arise again in the future . To please our customers and ensure their contentment, we sent them promotional gifts as well.

Quality Assurance: Our Primary Moto 11

Why choose us

Langdao Limited provides all-in-one OEM service from design to implementation. Our specialists work zealously to assure quality production and customer satisfaction. By providing technical support as well as long-term customer services we win your hearts

Our product quality is top priority and pricing is more reasonable and affordable. Besides, all of the products are inspected under the International Quality Inspection Standard AQL2.5/4.0.

Moreover, the official inspection report is sent to the clients to make sure that no stone is left unturned. We look forward to customer benefit protection, hence, we have numerous policies for various situations, for instance, return policy and an after-sale policy, etc.

If you hold any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our special customer service is available round the clock to make sure you are not left alone in any distressing situation.

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