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Why We Do Not Sell FaceMask During COVID-19?


Google and Facebook, which are considered as advertising giants of the internet, has prohibited advertising face medical masks by monitoring the current situation of the Corona Virus.

This was an important action taken by Google, Facebook, and other advertising platforms, in order to block misleading ads of face masks, by noticing the sudden rise in scammers who were trying to profit their business from this Global epidemic.

Why We Do Not Sell FaceMask During COVID-19? 1

Anyhow, Google is more strictly enforcing the policy and says that the company will continue to take necessary steps depending on the intensity of the situation.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to temporarily ban all medical face mask ads. We’re actively monitoring the situation and will continue to take action as needed to protect users.” This was stated by a Google spokesperson to CNBC

Facebook Annoucement

Facebook also took the same step on its platform and disallowed any type of medical mask ads and commerce listing.

Head of Trust and Integrity team of Facebook Rob Leathern stated:

“We’re banning ads and commerce listings selling medical face masks. We’re monitoring COVID19 closely and will make necessary updates to our policies if we see people trying to exploit this public health emergency. We’ll start rolling out this change in the days ahead.”

As a result, all mask seller companies who were about to dive in were blocked.

Langdao decision

In accordance with the existing situation, Langdao Team received a lot of demands from customers to get masks and other protection providing products. The volume of the orders was attractive enough and reached about 2000k medical masks and protective products.

Bulk buy masks are the only thing people are looking for in the past few weeks. But Langdao difficultly declined the requests of buyers by following the Google and Facebook policy.

Why We Do Not Sell FaceMask During COVID-19? 3

It’s quite difficult to miss an opportunity that can suddenly expand your business and help you increase sales. But the need of the hour is to help the people as much as you can.

Masks may provide protection to some extent buy not the key solution to the problem. The best way to avoid the spread of this epidemic is just to stay at home in a safe environment.

In this regard, the Chinese government took great steps by issuing a lot of help to the people and preferred donating medical supplies instead of increasing sales.

Other Companies Reaction

Many businesses tried to take advantage of this global epidemic and suddenly turned into mask selling companies.

This not only brought panic to the people but also the procurement operation unprofessionally caused a decline in the product quality and made the situation worse than before by causing the spread of epidemic through low-quality products.

Langdao: A Socially Responsible Company

Being a socially responsible company, Langdao took the decision of not selling masks during the COVID19 period. As we care for the people and want to make sure that there is no panic. Yet we do our best to supply high-quality products.

Why We Do Not Sell FaceMask During COVID-19? 5

Protective products are being used for donations to help those who really need it. We may not be able to help everyone but we are sure that the production and sales of masks are left to some socially responsible companies which are experienced enough to provide quality products and won’t exploit the customers.

This is the best way to get quality products at reasonable prices. For buyers in need, we can share the contact information of professional and safe mask factories to replace the panic and quality decline caused by sales

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